LindaOJ here one of the co-founders of the Small Business Community Network (SBCN). I want to share with you that before I became the owner of two successful businesses I had been a stay at home mom for many years. Because of a change in my circustances after moving to Canada from the UK, I had to return to work and I could only find work in a shoe store, a hotel and I also sold vacuumes would you believe? Looking after my four children and working three jobs all at the same time, with two diagnoses of breast cancer still causing me to wonder if I would succumb a third time, I was very stressed. But, as you can see I moved on, and one of the most important things I did to get to the place I am now, was to network to build relationships. I did not network to sell. Why not check out the SBCN website in more detail and considering becoming an SBCN Online Member?