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CEO-P2P INC. Our growing CEO-P2P Scaleup Ecosystem Executive Community of over 400 CEOs, Founders, Executives & Community Champions spans 100+ Scaleups ($1M-$500M revenue or funding) and our Ecosystem Partners. The Brain Trust within our CEO-P2P Community share best practices, challenges and experiences to scale their organizations. EMPOWERING LEADERS WITH A COMMUNITY VOICE The COVID-19 lockdown exponentially grew the impact and value of our CEO-P2P Community and our real-time communication amongst leaders with our 7x24 CEO-P2P Private Online Knowledge - Exchange Slack Member Portal (, CEO-P2P Business Roundtables and Customizable Peer Network. CEO-P2P pivoted from monthly in-person events to weekly Zoom Virtual Roundtables post lockdown with a total of 50 CEO-P2P Business Roundtables since we launched in September 2019 including 5 CEO-P2P UNICORN Events in 2020. Our first post-lockdown CEO-P2P Roundtable featured a C-Suite Panel and 3 hospital CEOs with 80 participants. We also provide small CEO-P2P Private Roundtables including those for the CEOs & Founders of our largest Scaleups. TECHFORGOOD INNOVATION & GROWTH: We value TechForGood initiatives by CEO-P2P Members to make the world a better place including: • Diversity & Inclusion • Empowering Women & BIPOC Entrepreneurs • Collaboration on Charities & Social Good CEO-P2P Member Scaleup Solutions & Services are building blocks to “accelerate innovation & drive growth” in the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor and the Canadian Tech Ecosystem!