What Are You Selling? My Response...

Recently, I was thinking about when I am doing strategic marketing, digital media, social media, webinars, cold calling, going to network meetings, calling existing clients, and other methods of engaging in conversation with the intent to "build a referral exchange relationship based on integrity, honesty, and old school handshake”, and something important occurred to me. I get asked - "what are you selling?" sometimes directly and most time indirectly. My response is always - nothing, I am looking to discuss and exchange ideas. Being in the telecom industry for the last 20 years, doing business has changed ever so much. Now a days the process of engaging with a prospective client or company is like a moving target. The process is changing so much so fast that I got caught up in the learning new methods, especially with digital media, seo, social media. So now that I am guru, and planted my seeds, setup my foundation, this is how I answer the question “What are you selling?” 

"I am not selling but I am looking for buyers. Are you looking to buy anything?" At first it comes across as a humorous, funny question! But I am 110% serious, what are you here for, on LinkedIn, are you looking to buy something? If so, what is it, maybe I can help you. They don’t get it – I am a UC and Telecom Specialist. Why would I want to help someone buy a product or look for  a service that is not in my line of work. I tell you why! Because If I tell you I am looking to build a relationship based on honesty, integrity and old school handshake, that is exactly what I am looking to do. Now if you are considering buying or upgrading your telecom or phone system then I present you with the below info graphic and you can call me when your ready! 

So, I am looking for buyers! Now think about this: Here is a secret sauce I have that I don’t mind sharing with you. Being in the telecom industry, we get to communicate with all the key people and decision makers in the company, that includes the secretary, front desk person, administrator. These people are at bottom of the totem pole, but they are the key element – the first stones holding up the pillars of the company, I make them my best friends for  a reason – respect. They are the greatest resource. So ask me what am I selling? I am looking for buyers!


Nino Kamber

Unified Communication Specialist


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