Coffee Time Chat

We are well known for building relationships with people, getting to know their needs and how we can help them. Ten years ago when the SBCN was founded one of the co-founders Linda Ockwell-Jenner decided the best way for her to reach out to help people was to meet them for a chat over coffee. This enabled her to find out more about the person and their needs. This theme has continued and over the years we have introduced this habit to the members of the SBCN and it's proved to be a tried-and-tested technique that offers results for everyone concerned.

The SBCN has continued to grow over the past ten years and we decided it was time to share some of our coffee chats with you, via video, which we call SBCN Coffee Time Chat. You will be able to enjoy short videos where we introduce members of the SBCN to you via a relaxed and informative coffee time chat. We'll also feature people from the small business community, who we want to introduce to our members and you, via our video SBCN Coffee Time chats.