Ways that computer users in small businesses can protect themselves against spam and Internet crime.

The Internet has done more than change the way that people work, it changed the way criminals commit crime. There seems to be no end to daily cyber attacks such as computer viruses, worms, spam, phishing and identity theft.
Being a victim of cyber attacks can cost a business more than just the cost of repairs, it can also cost them customers. Potential clients could fear to do business with companies that have been the victims of a security breach.
Despite the level of importance businesses place on security, many smaller organizations have no or only minimal safeguards in place to address these concerns.
While protecting your business may seem an overwhelming task there are simple steps taken to decrease the likelihood that your business will become the next victim.
1 - Make sure to install and update security software.
2 - Do not open unknown emails, visit unknown Websites, or click on suspicious links or attachments.
3 - Create smart passwords.
4 - Educate employees on cyber security.
5 - Create a contingency plan....what to do in case of.
6 - Simplify the process by working with a provider that offers a full portfolio of security options.
Remember 'prevention IS better than cure' ....cheaper too!