The SBCN Team

Linda Ockwell-Jenner, Co-Founder

Linda Ockwell-Jenner  TV Host, Keynote Speaker, Business Consultant - The Social Sweetheart. Linda designed the concept for the Small Business Community Network in 2003. Already pursuing her own small business, Motivational Steps, Linda blended her passion for connecting with sharing the steps to success she was developing growing her own business.

As the face of the SBCN, Linda often meets with members, partners and other members of the business community. You'll see her at many other networking events and supporting local business groups.

Dave Ockwell-Jenner, Co-Founder

After being made redundant from Nortel, Dave Ockwell-Jenner took Linda's advice to secure his next position via networking. Many of the networking events Dave attended lacked a focus on how to network in a friendly and focused manner and so he brought his expertise to help found the SBCN.

Today, Dave primarily takes care of the 'back-office' technology operations of the SBCN and running the SBCN web site.

Garry Stephens, Registration & Ambassador

Garry Stephens took over the SBCN's registration desk from his sister Melissa, who held the role from the SBCN's inception in 2003. In addition to being the first face people see when they attend our events, Garry also plays a critical logistics role in ensuring the setup of the events goes smoothly.

SBCN Ambassadors

The SBCN Ambassadors have been working with the SBCN as part of our team for many years. They are the first point of contact when Members & Guests attend SBCN events. Our Ambassadors are diligent, loyal, and friendly members of our team who are always ready to chat with attendees, share information with them, and also introduce attendees to someone to ensure they feel at home and welcome. When co-founders Linda & Dave Ockwell-Jenner do not host the monthly meetings our Ambassadors step in and carry out the duties of SBCN Hosts and do an awesome job. You can find out more about our Ambassadors by clicking on thier photos, this will offer you a chance to check out their profiles.

Craig Herner, Ambassador

Janet Benedict, Ambassador

Julian Whiting, Ambassador


Steve Bentley, Community Mentor

Steve Bentley is the newest member of the SBCN Team and has taken on the volunteer role as Community Mentor. When a new member of the SBCN or a guest who attends one of our events wants more information, or has a question that is business related, Steve is happy to chat with them over the phone or one on one. Please check out Steve's profile and find out more about him by clicking on his profile photo.

Nelson Dunk, Videographer

Nelson Dunk, a long time member, has in the past taken care of shooting videos the SBCN Conferences, and if you want to find out more about Nelson please click on his photo to check out his profile.